Get a taste of what to expect at WSAVA Congresses. View the videos below!

Microchip Technology

Reuniting pets with their owners is a reoccurring matter for veterinarians, and microchip technology is one amazing tool that enables them to do so.
Watch Dr. Wolfgang Dohne in this clip as he explains the importance of microchip technology.

What is your favorite animal?

Bald eagles, ospreys, or cats? Hear WSAVA’S key people speak about their favorite animals. Do you agree with them? Do you have a favorite animal?

New York State Approved CE at WSAVA/CVMA 2019

Not only Toronto is so close to NY, but the CE credits you can gain at the Congress are also NEW YORK STATE APPROVED!
Dr. Jim Berry, the Local Host Chair for WSAVA/CVMA 2019, invites you all to join us this summer for a highly anticipated Congress.

Orthopedics & Trauma - Dr. Mark Glyde’s Focus

“The main problem we see in orthopedics is….” What do you think is the main problem in orthopedics? In this video, Dr. Mark Glyde addresses this very important topic.

People do love animals

Dr. Mark Glyde shares a moment he experienced with an injured dog, and a woman on a paddle board! Interesting, right?

Impact on your Career

Whether you’re a young vet or technician, and even if you’re established in your career, attending WSAVA/CVMA 2019 can have an impact on your career at different levels.

Tailored Program for North Americans

International flavor, phenomenal CE, tracks designed specifically for technicians & nurses, workshops that include ultrasound examinations and
much more will be on offer this year at WSAVA/CVMA 2019. You don’t want to miss this fantastic opportunity!

Acupuncture on Dogs and Cats

Dr. Shane Ryan shares a moment of how preforming acupuncture helped his patient.

Which animal do you most identify with?

Jack Russell terrier, a wolf, or a frog? As a vet, working closely with animals, we find many similarities and personality traits in our patients that we can identify with.
Hear WSAVA’S key people speak about the animals that they most identify themselves with, in this clip.

Are you at the early stages of your career?

Attending WSAVA/CVMA 2019 will provide you with experiences that you won’t get at any other event. In this video, Dr. Jim Berry explains why.

Do you communicate with your patients?

Dr. Margie Scherk shares a moment she experienced with a patient and how it affected her medical approach.