CVMA Equine Sessions

CVMA Equine Sessions

*NEW* for 2019 in partnership with the CVMA, large animal CE
will be offered on Thursday, July 18 and Friday, July 19.

The CVMA has worked closely with WSAVA to bring participants 16 hours of Equine CE to be included in the 2019 scientific program.

We invited top experts in the field of equine welfare, behavior and diagnostic imaging:

  • Camie Heleski
  • Gemma Pearson
  • Kurt Selberg
  • Fe Ter Woort

Here are a few of the session highlights:

  • Overground Endoscopy: Spectacular and Subtle Case Discussions (Dr. Fe Ter Woort)
  • Working Equids in Developing Regions of the World: How can we Help this 80% of the World’s Horses, Donkeys, and Mules? (Dr. Camle Heleski)
  • CVMA Equine Welfare: Pain, Behavioural or Both? (Dr. Gemma Pearson)
  • Equine Diagnostic Imaging: Approaches to Diagnosing Diseases of the Equine Stifle (Dr. Kurt Selberg)

Join us for more intriguing sessions on 18 and 19 July 2019.