Don’t take our word for it, take theirs

''Toronto is an incredible international city, it's multi-cultural, it's multi-ethnic, there is a phenomenal nightlife there, it's a safe city, it's right on the water, it's a beautiful city, what more could you ask for?‘’
Jim Berry - Local Host Committee 2019

''WSAVA is the only organisation really that is as global reaching as it is, they bring in the experts … it's very broadening‘’
Bonnie Wright - Global Pain Council

''The uniqueness, is that there is true sharing of world knowledge, we get to meet our peers from all over the world, there is no other opportunity that we could actually do this. And it happens once yearly, rotating around the globe''
Siraya Chunekamrai - WSAVA Vice President

''Because it’s a conglomeration of almost all the veterinarians along the companies that are interested and that are supporting veterinarians, that is one of the best reasons to be here''
Arjun Kumar Adhikari, India - Participant

''WSAVA Congress offers value like no other conferences that are offered now, you have amazing networking opportunities, great CE opportunities, workshops, really it's one of the best''
Katherine Polak, Thailand - Participant

``Veterinarians should attend the Congress because it’s a unique opportunity to meet with veterinarians from around the world, it has expanded my view on the profession almost almost limitless. To take view points of people from South America, Africa and Asia that i have never had before... this has broadened my appreciation of what happens globally... there is no other opportunity like WSAVA for this type of interaction and knowledge``
Marge Chandler - Global Nutrition Committee